Walking with History

Faversham is well worth a visit and we aim to help you enjoy your time with us. We want to share our love, enjoyment and pride in Faversham , both through these pages and through our guided Walking with History walks around Faversham.

Our Walking with History walks are mostly on flat roads and footpaths and each walk takes between 1 1/2 to 2 hours, (you tell me how fast you walk, (and talk), and I will have a better idea). Stopping outside many old, (and new) buildings, hear the tales of monarchs, murderers, saints, (two of them), and the ordinary people of Faversham. Find out why The Guildhall has a Regency upper floor built upon Tudor oak pillars. Learn about the original Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, (maybe visit its play-grounds for refreshment). The biggest church in Kent; is it the final resting place of a king?  Don’t worry that we will fill your head with lots of facts, we don’t have a test at the end.

All of our Walking with History guides are volunteers and give their time freely for the benefit of the Faversham Society. There is no set script for these walks, each guide bringing their own knowledge, background and expertise. It is safe to say that every walk follows a very similar route, but is different, although the standards remain high.

The Faversham Society was formed in 1962 in response to the plans to “modernise” Faversham, plans that would have lead to the loss of many of our historic buildings.  The Faversham Society’s motto is “Cherish the Past: Adorn the Present: Create for the Future”.  It is still a very active organisation, with more than 800 members, working for the best for all in our community.  Our future is inevitably going to be different; but we can have our say, promote high standards and ensure that developments are not detrimental to us or our environment.

The Faversham that we have today is a direct result of their determination to safeguard our heritage. The Walking with History team aim to show it to its best advantage in an entertaining and educational way.