Group Bookings – Introduction for 2021


The size of parties that we can welcome will be determined by the current COVID-19 regulations, particularly as they relate to hospitality venues.

We meet and greet in The Faversham Club, Gatefield Lane, (at the rear of the Fleur De Lis Heritage Centre).  On arrival, the first two things that people usually require are the loo and a coffee. Both are available in The Faversham Club’s pleasant surroundings. Filter coffee and tea will be available at £2.00 per head, payable direct to The Faversham Club. Relax after your journey with a little refreshment before a gentle stroll around central Faversham in the company of one of the Faversham Society’s experienced Town Guides.

The building housing The Faversham Club was originally the Gatefield Lane Chapel, a Calvinist Baptist meeting place. The Faversham Club began life as the Porter Club, (guess what they drank!), and also incorporates the Card Club, both gentleman only clubs. Women were allowed in on Carnival and Election nights until the late 1950s.

What to expect – Take a Guided Walk in the footsteps of Kings and Queens.

Faversham is home to more than 450 listed buildings, many with very interesting stories. Only one place in England is alleged to have more listed buildings per square kilometre than us. (Be sure to ask which it is).

Starting at the Fleur De Lis Heritage Centre Museum, (12 Preston Street), the walks include Preston Street and the Market Place with the iconic Guildhall. Find out why it has Regency upper parts on a Tudor base.  Another building “hosted” a monarch and was also owned by our biggest benefactor.

Court Street has many interesting buildings and you will discover which monarch was held captive here and another who was alleged to have had his face slapped by the mistress of the house.

Abbey Street is described as “one of the finest medieval streets in Britain”. Every building has a tale to tell or a feature to admire. The existing architecture spans many centuries and is lovingly preserved today. See the crime scene of murder most foul, committed in the 16th century.

The Abbey Physic Community Garden stands in the grounds of the original Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and the school, now Freemasons’ Hall, is an excellent example of a Tudor building.

St Mary of Charity Parish Church is larger than some cathedrals and, in Kent, is exceeded in size by only Canterbury and Rochester cathedrals. Its’ crown spire, visible for miles around, is one of only eight in the UK, and the design was chosen as a response to the many accidents in the local gunpowder industry. Inside, see the painted column dating from 1306 and the tomb that allegedly holds the remains of King Stephen.

The timing of walks is flexible and, although advertised as 1 1/2 hours, can take longer, (or shorter), depending on your timetable. If it is possible to start at or before 11.00 am then there is plenty of time for lunch and a re-explore,  perhaps to explore the Creek area or visit the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre and Museum.

Food and Drink

Faversham has many places where you can have lunch ranging from fine dining to an all-day breakfast. Many of these places are not large enough to handle large parties, particularly at short notice.

The Faversham Club however are also able to offer light lunches, including sandwiches.  If these are ordered before the walk, then they will be prepared and ready to be served for when you return.

(To discuss luncheon arrangements, Contact: Club Steward: 01795-532660).

Costs and small print.

The costs of the walk are £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for accompanied children. This also allows for entry to the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre Museum on the day, (if you have the time and energy), and once in the subsequent year. There is a minimum charge of £50.

The walk does not cover a great distance but part is on cobbled streets.  Any of your group that does not wish to come on the walk may visit our Heritage Centre and Museum, where stewards will be pleased to guide or assist, as necessary. We like to form groups of between fifteen and twenty people, more and it may be difficult to hear, or control! Each group will be led by one of the Faversham Society’s enthusiastic guides who will make Faversham come to life with tales of murder, royal visits, civil war, tax avoidance and much more, in a history stretching back more than 2000 years. Each of the guides has their own different interests which they bring to the walk, and they all enjoy the interaction with the members of their group.